I worked with Conrad in the 7th Philippine National Wakeboarding Competition held at the Rebublic Wakepark in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The project was in the midst of all odds - pressed for time, barely a week to actually and properly prepare everything needed.. in search of sponsors (what is your chance if you work on it in less than a month).. and many more reasons for the prod team to be uncertain and stressed..Difficulties grew unceasingly.. But Conrad led the team and like a 'real man', he DID. He was man enough to command, man enough to stand true among all the 'nagging roses' surrounding him and never went into trouble with anyone of them, even when all else was leading to a "fight of the century" episode.. Also, too brave and unmindful of everything else so unlike him, he set and cued the fireworks in the middle of the island.. crossing the pond in the middle of complete darkness on board a small boat that could have just capsized and overturned any moment..In all these, he truly won so much of my respect. I have always admired him for his professional ways in all the projects I saw he worked on. There is so much more talent and character than what you see in him.. He has a warm heart, too. I am confident that our experience with him marks the start of more fruitful partnerships in the future

Sabrina Lontok
Post Ad Ventures, Inc. | Production Director | International Talent Manager

Getting Conrad (together with his group) was probably one of the best choices we did for the 4th Philippine International Motor Show. Given our challenging execution parameters, he was able to translate concepts into a memorable show for NISSAN. Honestly, our bosses were a bit worried he was too young to service our requirement. But what he lacked in age, he made up with pure ingenuity. I am confident that our experience with him marks the start of more fruitful partnerships in the future

Eunice Reyes
Nissan Motors Philippines, Inc. | OIC Market Planning Section Head

Conrad has interest in the industry, took the initiative to come up with ideas for an event, exercised creativity and appreciates the value of branding. He is resourceful, gives regular updates and reports. He can work with minimal supervision. His graphic design background proved useful in presentations. He has initiative to come up with alternatives. Has a sense of responsibility, pride in work and maturity. Conrad has shown these traits consistently over the course of his internship. He has been a valuable help to my work and projects. I am sure he will do well after graduation.

Cynthia Diaz
SAGA Events Inc. | Business Development Manager

John Conrad Victorino has been my student for the past two years in courses that most students would not deem easy. In these courses, his intelligence, maturity, and quick wit has made him stand out in class. Added to that is his ability to clearly articulate his thoughts and express his ideas in a manner that is enlightening, funny, and thought provoking. His work ethic as a student is tempered by his ability to work well with others while still retaining a sense of individuality and belief in himself.

Prof. Cherish Aileen Brillon
Far Eastern University | Associate Professor, Head, Film Cluster | Cinematographer

Conrad was my student in two major subjects -- Introduction to Communication and Argumentation and Debate. In these encounters he effortlessly showed his brilliance. He is a silent worker who has very impressive collaborative skills. He has high critical thinking and creative skills which, I believe, are essential in every corporate world. Very reliable, he ensures that tasks are finished on time and everyone in the group partakes in the project significantly. Finally, he is classy which adds premium on his outputs.

Prof. Joeven Rosario Castro
Far Eastern University | Professor, Head, Research Cluster | Freelance writer | Speech Trainor