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SAGA EVENTS is the first local events managment group that infused integrated marketing and strategic planning into the alpha and the omega of a successful event; conceptualization and execution.saga 1


SAGA has a business paradigm that specifically custom designs each event to fit each client company’s special needs. With over 10 years of experience in both private and corporate events, SAGA has a virtual lock on what does and does not work, yet it thinks out of the proverbial box and pushes that box right off the edge.

At SAGA I was assigned different tasks to help on a multitude of events, from booking talents and venues, editing images for use for client presentations and events, to being part of an event proposal presentation for clients. I enjoyed every minute of these placements, which combined all the things I like about work - organising, working with clients, being creative, having interesting ideas and being part of a team. It was tough sometimes. The hours were long and the clients not always polite. But I learned a lot: the fact that being friendly and smiling all the time calms down the client, you need to schedule every little detail, communication is essential in a company and I like my day to be full of challenges.





Uniliver Food Solutions Asia

  • Sooo Pinoy: Search for the top Pinoy Dish

Pepsi Philippines

  • Pepsi. Sarap mag bago.


  • Bench Uncut Denim & Underwear Fashion  Show 2011

Garage Magazine

  • Garage Sexy Summer


  • Nivea Summer Rush.


  • Axe Twist Media Launch


  • Fashion Show

Wi-Tribe Philippines

  • Corporate Launch


  • Student Camp


POST AD VENTURES, INC. is a marketing communications services company that offers you solutions for your events, advertising, marketing and sales initiatives.
Post Ad ID


Post Ad Ventures, Inc. specializes in marketing communications solutions, particularly, promotions, events staging, events marketing, merchandising, customer service solutions, logistics management, creative concept and graphic design.

Develops marketing and branding strategies for various Clients.

Over-all project manager for various events handled by the company which ranges from Sales Conventions, Company Sport Events, Fashion shows, nationwide promotional sampling and selling for Clients such as SM Department Store, Lafarge Cement Services Philippines, Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, The Coca-Cola Export Company, Smart Communications, Kraft Foods Philippines.

Accounts Handled: Nissan Motor Philippines Inc, Lafarge, Converygys, Global Savant Building Technologies, Mossimo


Lafarge Republic Inc.

  • Customer Night 2013
  • WallMaster Launch
  • Lafarge Quality Circle
  • Lafarge Contractor Circle


  • You Count Launch




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