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Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication

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Aimed at being recognized as a leading communication school in the University belt, the Department of Communication seeks to produce graduates to become catalysts of social and moral transformation and contributors to national development.

The Department of Communication seeks to produce successful communicators and communication managers who adhere to the highest ethical standards of the media establishment and who possess intellectual acumen as purveyors of information in the Fourth Estate and creativity as practitioners in the field of broadcasting, print, theater arts, cinema, advertising, and new media.

The four-year program in Mass Communication major has the following objectives:
1. to introduce students to the functions of mass communication in a developing society;
2. to familiarize students with the technical aspect of radio and television and video production;
3. to develop among the students vocal and physical skills for radio and television and theatrical performances;
4. to provide practicum in the actual media environment;
5. to provide students with a set of standards that will guide them in the critical analysis of print and broadcast journalism, radio and television productions, audience communication, advertising messages and film production;
6. to equip students with skills in communication research; and
7. to prepare students for further studies in the graduate level for careers in the academe or in mass media.

  • Advertising Principles
  • Advertising Promotional Techniques
  • Advertising Strategy & Copy Writing
  • Advertising Production
  • Public Relations Principles & Practices
  • Public Relations Campaigns & Strategies
  • Radio & Television Principles & Practices
  • Radio & Television Announcing
  • Radio & Television Production
  • Comunication Arts & Skills
  • Editorial, Feature Writing & Lay outing
  • Investigative Reporting
  • Law & Ethics of Mass Media
  • Theater Directing & Production
  • Alternative Film Production
  • Photography
  • Broadcast Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • News Writing & Editing



Communication Research

This is the biggest challenge I had to overcome during my time in the university. Among the various topics I submitted for approval; my least favoured topic and the one I’m most unfamiliar with got picked.  I had to study the difference aspects of a Moro film created by Moro filmmakers to construct the Moro image. I bravely took on this challenge and dove into unfamiliar waters, doing so pushed me to be systematically resourceful in completing the study. It was both a humbling and enlightening year of research work for me. I had a lot of fun learning a culture so different from my own yet so closely tied in history.  With a lot of hard work and help from amazing people I was able to finish. And if the feeling of accomplishment wasn’t reward enough, my thesis was picked to compete in the search for the best thesis and bagged the 2nd place. It surely is a tremendous honor to have been chosen to compete and more so to have placed second, but the real honor was working with people who believed in me and helped me in their own special way.





I love advertising.

I love the ideas behind it.

I love that “advertising thinking” has the power to move mountains. Put it together with “design thinking” and you’re packing a powerful punch of potential that can turn the world on its head.

I love that thirty seconds can inspire a movement and that a website can change the world.


In my advertising subjects, I was taught to develop advertising and marketing strategies by analysing advertising styles used in different mediums, such as TV, radio and print. I learned methods for creating advertising plans for the media and test their effectiveness.

I was thought to identify a target audience and create ways to sell products to that audience. Through analysis of case studies and study of magazines, TV and radio commercials, newspaper ads and Internet ads, we develop advertising plans that can be used by real businesses.

Lastly, I learned how to organize and implement an advertising campaign.


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Production: Radio, TV, Fim, Theater, Photography

Although anyone with a home camcorder can become a "director," or someone with a SLR can become a “photographer”, production classes provide an added level of depth and understanding to the craft. Not only do you receive a tremendous amount of academic learning from professors and teachers, but you also have an opportunity to bounce new ideas off of your fellow classmates. In addition, production classes teach you all of the essentials required for operating more sophisticated equipment, software, and computers. In short, production classes can help you become more productive, more efficient, and more creative when it comes to creating stunning works of art.

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